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Touchless Boat Covers help you retain a higher resale value for your boat in addition to added security. The convenience of The Touchless Boat Cover allows you to use your boat multiple times throughout the day while adding more interior and exterior protection to your leisure investment. The Touchless Boat Cover introduces you to a lifetime of effortless boating by completely removing the hassle of covering and uncovering your boat.  We hear it all the time, “I use my boat much more with The Touchless Boat Cover.”  Learn more about the convenience of The Touchless Boat Cover. Contact us for an estimate.

“This convenient and attractive cover also provides superior protection by preventing mildew and eliminating sun damage …”

from Boating Industry Magazine

“Use the included remote control to lower this boat cover over your boat or waterbike. Its galvanized steel frames…”

from Boating Magazine

“Once you’ve lifted your boat out of the water, just push a button and marine-grade fabric descends from a galvanized frame…”

from Boating Life Magazine

“Touchless, remote-controlled boat cover eliminates need for wrestling with old-fashioned boat covers …”

from Cabin Life Magazine

With [IMT’s] new eye-catching product, the Touchless Boat Cover., boaters can now spend more time having fun and less time getting the boat ready to go …”

from Florida Boating Magazine

“If no ordinary boat cover will do consider investing in an automatic boat cover like The Touchless Boat Cover from Innovative Marine Technologies…”

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“One reason that many people fail to cover their boats is the chore of removing and replacing the cover. Innovative Marine Technologies has eliminated the hassle with its new Touchless Boat Cover …”

from Motor Boating Magazine

“The Touchless Boat Cover™ is a fully-automated boat covering system designed for use in a covered or uncovered boat dock slip utilizing a boat lift system …”

from Power Boating of Canada Magazine

“If you can imagine covering your boat with the touch of a button, you’ll love The Touchless Boat Cover…”

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“For easy access to your ride we found the perfect product for you. We discovered The Touchless Boat Cover …”

from WaterSki Magazine

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